Rescue sheets

Model-specific rescue sheets available from manufacturers are listed in the table below. Please note that not all manufacturers are also providing rescue sheets for their older models with airbags. Manufacturers not yet offering rescue sheets will start providing them.

At present, rescue sheets can mostly be found on German manufacturers' / importers' websites and are available in German only. You have to look/search for the key words "Rettungskarten" (rescue sheets), "Rettungsdatenblätter" (rescue data sheets), or "Einsatzblätter" (incident response sheets). Alfa, Fiat, Lancia, Mercedes, Maybach, Smart, Opel and Saab offer rescue sheets in several European languages.

With the standard key to the symbols, every rescue sheet is easy to read. All manufacturers use the same symbols and colours in their rescue sheets.

Below, please find the standard keys to the symbols (translation chart) which should be used with the German rescue sheets.

Keys to the symbols:

English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish Dutch

To download the rescue sheets, please refer to the manufacturers' homepages. Content and layout are under the manufacturers' own responsibility. This also applies to the file sizes which in some cases are very large (please consider when opening/printing the files).

NOTICE: Please ceck the model/type information and photos on the rescue sheet to make sure you have the correct sheet for your verhicle.
A rescue sheet always indicates the maximum number of airbags available for a given type/model series. It does not matter if your vehicle is not equipped with the full complement of airbags indicated on the rescue sheet.

The column "multilingual / designation" indicates whether the rescue sheet is already available in other languages and under which name you may find it on the relevant website.

Brand Link
AbarthDownload PDF
Alfa RomeoDownload PDF
AudiDownload PDF
BMWDownload PDF
BentleyDownload PDF
BYDDownload PDF
CadillacDownload PDF
ChevroletDownload PDF
ChryslerDownload PDF
CitroenDownload PDF
CS-ReisemobileDownload PDF
CupraDownload PDF
DaciaDownload PDF
DaihatsuDownload PDF
Dethleffs (Wohnmobil)Download PDF
DS AutomobilesDownload PDF
DodgeDownload PDF
FiatDownload PDF
Fiat TransporterDownload PDF
FordDownload PDF
HondaDownload PDF
HyundaiDownload PDF
IsuzuDownload PDF
JaguarDownload PDF
JeepDownload PDF
KiaDownload PDF
LanciaDownload PDF
Land RoverDownload PDF
LexusDownload PDF
MaseratiDownload PDF
MazdaDownload PDF
MaybachDownload PDF
MercedesDownload PDF
MiniDownload PDF
MitsubishiDownload PDF
NissanDownload PDF
OpelDownload PDF
PeugeotDownload PDF
PorscheDownload PDF
RenaultDownload PDF
Ruf-AutombileDownload PDF
SeatDownload PDF
SkodaDownload PDF
Sunlight (Wohnmobil)Download PDF
Smart (bis 2021)Download PDF
Smart (ab 2022)Download PDF
Ssang YongDownload PDF
StreetScooterDownload PDF
SubaruDownload PDF
SuzukiDownload PDF
TeslaDownload PDF
ToyotaDownload PDF
VauxhallDownload PDF
VWDownload PDF
VolvoDownload PDF

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